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NEXT semiconductor Facts

  • >15 years of R&D in high-speed data conversion
  • 28 patents and counting
  • Trusted supply chain custom SoC supplier
  • Sole source supplier of ultra wideband Direct RF digital transceivers operating at >50 GS/s

Founded in 2023 by industry veterans who previously held management and technical leadership roles at Broadcom, Qualcomm, and IQ-Analog, NEXT Semiconductor is a privately held corporation focused on the development of software-defined radio systems leveraging our unique System-on-Chip platforms employing our patented DIGITAL DATA CONVERSION technology.

NEXT Patents:

US8654000, US8878577, US8917124, US8957796, US8917125, US9030340, US9007108,US9048858, US9098072, US9178528, US9281834, US9323226, US9831888, US10110409, US9912344, US10033398, US10291226, US10333524, US9979582, US10305487, US10348263, US10418976, US10461764, US10498350, US10644717, US10962933, US11012083, US11405000, US11444819, US11483005, US11502645, ... 

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